Growler Bikes at Philly Bike Expo


The Philly Bike Expo had its 10th anniversary this year in Philadelphia! What better way to celebrate than to have Growler Bikes at the show? ;) 

The crew out of New York loaded up the trailer with our demo fleet and set out on a 6 Hr road trip to Philly. They arrived at the Philadelphia convention center and got everything onto our floor spot inside the expo. I'll insert some Growler Goodness below ;) 

The spot was set up and the bikes were locked up for the night to get some rest for the weekend to come! 

Now that all of that hard work was done... I arrived in Philadelphia via American Airlines all the way from North Dakota! I took an uber to the hotel to meet up with Willo and Ken and when I arrived... we were on our way to Longhorn Steakhouse to get some food! (18oz Ribeye is unreal if you haven't tried that out, Do so.) Now it was time to sleep after the meal and all of the travel. 

Fast forward to the next morning passed the Starbucks/Home Depot trip for essentials right into the convention center! Expo Day was upon us and we got right to work setting up the booth! We had a great location next to the demo entrance. 

We brought the demo fleet which consists of some Nitro Stout, American Stout, and the American Pale Ale. We also had a few show bikes as well that may or may not have included a special sneak peak of our new Gravel Bike (more on that later).

The time was 10am and the expo was open! By 10:02am we had people in the booth and already setting up our first demo rides! 

The show was packed! Demos were rolling out and the buzz that was being created by our new American made frames was escalating quickly! A couple minutes after that picture was taken above... that rack was empty and a line was formed to ride. People of all ages were excited to ride and test out the lineup! 

Time flew by quickly and before we knew it, 5pm was rolling around and the first day of the expo was complete! Willo had flown me out to be there and check out the other booths and get some content for social media... Growler was so amazingly busy that I hung around and helped out at the booth! 

Did I mention the sneak peak of the gravel bike? 

Anyway... We had time to set out on downtown Philadelphia before heading to an industry party. We stopped at this amazing bar first called Tradesman's! The food was amazing and it was packed! We had the best seats with our backs to the hustle and bustle of Philly while we sat underneath the heaters and looked into the packed bar with some great food and drink! 

At the industry party we were quickly greeted by the Goodr crew with free sunglasses! We have worked with Goodr before and can't say enough good things about the product and the crew over there! Free beer and great people at the party but there was work to be done and another day of the expo! 

We were downtown early Sunday morning to make it to the famous Reading Terminal Market for breakfast. We walked around and ended up at Pearl's Oyster Bar for breakfast. The breakfast was great and it was now time to check out our future lunch plan... a Philly Cheese Steak! We agreed on Carmen's and eventually would order one for lunch and it was awesome! Check that off my bucket list! 

We thought Sunday would be a little slower than Saturday. The Philadelphia Eagles had a game that day and they love their Eagles! We were wrong! Sunday was packed again with people! Willo and Ken told me to make my rounds and go meet some others in the industry. I finally got to meet some people at the great companies we partner with on our bikes. WTB, industry nine, Sram, as well as people from some innovative companies like SQLabs! I am a sucker for socks so getting to see some cool designs by Mint Socks was a plus for me and to find out that one of the young volunteers at their booth was a Growler rider... MINT! 

I had a 5pm flight I had to get heading towards so I had to wrap things up and get on my way. 

The whole experience of going to Philadelphia and the bike expo is something I will always appreciate! Getting to hang out with the Growler crew and meeting all of the new people at the expo was priceless! There is some crazy talent in the bike industry and I am glad to be a part of one of those companies. It was great to be able to show that just because something is Made in America doesn't mean it has to be extremely expensive! Willo has designed and created our American made frames to be affordable and extremely durable and I do have to say that they are so much fun to ride! We had over 300 demo rides over the span of few hrs and everyone came back with a smile, especially if it was their first fat tire bike ride! 

I'd like to thank the following; 

-Growler for flying me out to experience and help out at the bike expo!

-The Volunteers and crew of the Philly Bike Expo

...  of course the people of Philadelphia for the hospitality! 

 If you have any questions about the bikes pictured or mentioned above please email us at 

Or if you want to receive information about our lineup of bikes or our new releases sign up for the newsletter! 


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