ENVE Carbon Fat Bike Fork

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A truly all season, all terrain fork for fat-bikes with maximum tire clearance and utilizes a reversible drop-out chip that adjusts the rake of the fork allowing for multiple wheel sizes.

With over 10 years of carbon experience, we’re the trusted source for many when it comes to forks. After creating the most innovative rigid mountain fork in the market, we set our sights on fat bike forks. Like all ENVE Forks, the Fat Fork is molded in one-piece from the steerer to the drop-outs and utilizes a reversible chip to adjust for optimized handling with 26” or 27.5” wheels. Adding our trusted reliability and lightweight design to 5-inches of tire clearance, this is the upgrade for your all season rig.

Those who want a little more from their fat bikes. Durability, improved ride quality, and lightweight design from a trusted fork manufacturer.



Material Carbon
Weight 748g
Steer Tube length 350mm
Rake 42mm, 51mm Adjustable
Axle To Crown 488.8mm
Brake Disc
Axle Compatibility 15×150
Max Rotor Size 160mm – 180mm
Max Tire Clearance 5.2″
Crown Race Diameter 1.5″
Torque Spec – Steer Tube 5.5nm
Torque Spec – Axle 8nm