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Our Story!

My name is Willo Glynn, I’m a police officer and the founder Growler Performance Bikes in Rochester NY, an American Bicycle manufacturer.

As a manufacturer I purchase equipment and materials from all over the world and have long standing relationships with vendors of all stripes. One of our vendors sister companies manufactures NOISH certified N95 masks for medical use.

Being in law enforcement I have had first-hand experience with the lack of Personal Protective Equipment(PPE) that are available to our front-line heroes such as Medical staff, EMT, Fire Fighters, and law enforcement. With many of our heroes being asked to wear the same PPE's way beyond the recommendation of the CDC. I originally contacted vendors with the intent of securing a personal supply N95 and face shields for my own department and other departments around the area. What I had found is that there is a lot of Bureaucracy and red tape that is preventing font line workers from obtaining the necessary equipment to keep them safe. While I wish that I had the ability to do more, I decided that at a minimum I could do something by leveraging my business relationships and supply channels along with the Growler Bikes social media presence to raise enough funds to supply much need N95 mask and medical face shields directly to our Front-Line Heroes.

Using the power of social media, I will be spreading the through our Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube channels asking for donations. Our hope is with the generosity of our community we can leverage the power of volume purchasing to supply lower cost N95 mask to more Heroes’ in need. 

My initial goal is to raise $10,000. ALL the funds donated will go to the acquisition of N95 masks or medical face shields and will be donated directly to the people and not the companies/hospitals/ or other wasteful entities.

Once a purchase has been made we should receive supplies within 7 business days and distribution will start immediately.

I will document this entire crazy ride and release it as a video so that everyone can see what we as a community can accomplish when we come together as one.

We're all in this together and together we will get through this.