The Start of a New Adventure - Fat Bike Life

Choices Choices Choices

Well hello there! I was brought onto blog for Growler to show some insight on beginning fat biking. I’m going to be documenting my journey and blogging as I learn my way. First, let’s start with a little about myself. 

I’m currently a stay at home mom who manages two young boys, ages 4 and 7, along with my husband. This past summer, we got more into bike riding. With our kids getting older and more independent on their bikes, we’ve been able to go around the neighborhood and also try a few trails. Bike riding has been a great source of exercise— one more way to spend time together while also enjoying the outdoors. My husband and my 7 year old have fat bikes. I currently only have a mountain bike, as I’m a very casual rider. However, I have been considering doing more biking—which made me consider a fat bike. By purchasing a fat bike, I’m hoping to be able to handle more weather conditions, extend my riding season, and gain more confidence. With deciding to make the fat bike purchase, I had to decide where to purchase one from.

My husband Mitch (@LivinTheWheelWorld) is very active in the biking industry and knew of the quality that Growler Bikes represented. Personally, I also liked how the frame on the Mr. Big Stuff swoops lower, which allows me to dismount off the bike easier than other brands with being a shorter female. Once I chose my bike company, I then had to decide which color to pick.

This is where I got overwhelmed. Growler has lots of color options for the frame and logo which creates an endless amount of options. This is great for allowing you to personalize the bike and pick the style you are going for. I felt a lot of pressure with deciding which color combo I chose. When I look at a bike that I’ve had complete control over designing (color-wise), I see it as being a direct reflection of your style and personality. I wanted to make a choice that was unique and stood out, however looked complimenting and not tacky. I also wanted it to look a little more feminine. I went to Google to do some research and found some color combinations others had put together that looked great. However, in the end I decided to choose something a little more flashy and that hadn’t been chosen color-wise before.


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