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Have you ever put your bike on the rack and thought... "My bike is going to be toast when I get there"...
Its a problem everyone deals with in every season. Since its Winter I am going to tackle that season in this review and then hopefully update this later on with the spring season update! 
States that are big for Fat Biking like Minnesota and New York are also states that use Salt to de-ice the roads. Traveling on these roads with your bike on the back puts it in a bad spot for corrosion. Rust and Corrosion is basically your drivetrain crying for help. Drivetrain tears! You don't want it to cry do you? 
I searched for a way to protect it without throwing a target bag on the drivetrain and maybe having it work and also making it look horrible and cheap. Plastic shopping bags may seem like the way to go but with the wind and sand etc hitting it... you will most likely just end up littering when it gets ripped off. 
Let me introduce BikeJacket.Net
This company is out of Minnesota! They deal with the conditions that destroy our drivetrains on the roads first hand! What they created is two versions based on the size of bike you have. We got the Small version that covers up to the 26" wheelsize.  
Here is a Growler Mr. Big Stuff (Small Frame) with 26"x4.6" Terrene Cake Eater Studded Tires and CrankBrothers Stamps. This bike jacket covered it all with ease!
They developed the jacket so it could handle studded tires. They give you sleeves that you can put over your pedals like the stamps that can cause tears. You can see on the sides where the rotors and axles etc may rub up against the sides they have reinforced that. These are durable and very well thought out! They look amazing and even let your amazing bike shine through the clear plastic! 
This is one test I went out on for a bike review and didn't even ride the bike! The bike road a car! It was a blizzard out and the roads had been hit with plows and salt. It took about 7 minutes (because I was looking at directions) to put on and I am sure you could do it much faster than that with practice! It went on easy and easy enough all I had to do was put the bike on the rack like usual. My Kuat rack has a strap that goes around the rim to hold it to the tray and for this reason integrated spots that you can cut to match your strap location. Time to take the Subaru out into the blizzard and see how this freshly cleaned bike held up in the snow! 
I will admit that the snow was still a bit light and most of it flew off. What was amazing was taking the bike out of the jacket there was nothing on the drivetrain which is what we are trying to achieve. None of the salt on the roads had made it to the important bits! 
This is something that everyone who owns a bike in states where the winter months bring Salt onto the roads. The amount of money alone from not having to maintain or purchase drivetrains makes this a no brainer! 
The plan is to update everyone on this product when spring rolls around and the mud and slush show up! Until then... Protect your bike from this... 


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