How To Install Your Tires and Sealant on Your Tubeless Wheelset

Step by step with Willo of Growler Performance Bikes on how to install your tires on your tubeless wheelset. 

Using a Custom Sun Ringle SL 80 that is already has the Rim Strip and Rim Tape installed Willo will put on a set of Maxxis Tires. 

What are you going to need?

Important to note that tires are Directional so make sure you are putting them on in the correct rotational direction. Remember that your brake rotor is on the non drivetrain side!

So lets begin! 

  1. Take your tire and we like to line up the logo with the valve stem in the middle of that logo. 
  2. Now we can press the tire onto the rim using your hands. When you get to the last part it will get harder to install and if it just won't go then you can use a tire lever. 
  3. Once one side is on, move onto the next side and repeat.
  4. Lets add some air! Willo says that once adding air if you slap the tire it will help set that bead! This will also help if not using a compressor. Do not go above 20psi. This is where you should hear audible POPs around the tire. Some tires will not make the noise but most will. 
  5. Check the line that goes around the tire near the lip of the rim. If you can see this line evenly around the tire.     You are good to go onto the next step!
  6. Now use your Valve Core removal tool and remove the valve core. With the valve at the bottom, add sealant to the tire. 3-4oz for most fat tires! 
  7. Re-install valve stem and put about 10psi back into the tire and close the valve. 
  8. Give the tire a little swirl and rotate it once or twice to move the sealant around inside and you are done! 

Please watch the video to listen to some tips and tricks from Willo. 

Oh... step 10... Put those wheels back on and Enjoy The Ride! 



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