How to layer for fat bike winter riding

As the weather locally here on the east coast has become more "seasonably" cooler it's time to re-focus. 

Hanging up the bike before the season really gets going in my book is not the answer. What is the answer??? Simple offer up a few "smart buys" as I call them to weather proof your riding. Here are some examples of what I like to call riding "necessaries" Hope these help you to keep on riding !!!


Always remember the rule of three. Wearing three layers when doing any cold weather outdoor activity will keep you comfortably warm. 
1. Base Layer: Long Sleeve
2. Mid-weight layer
2. Outer protective / insulation layer

Arm Warmers

Well what ever you call them recently hooked up with a pair of these. Not so durable from a thrash test perspective. What I can tell you is that these things have worked pretty well in those hard to layer warm to cool am & evening ride temps (48 - 50) degrees etc) Now you most certainly can wear these in warmer temps as a sunscreen barrier as well. I really like this particular product as it offers super light weight pack-ability. Fits nicely in a jersey pocket, stores well in you seat bag, or camel back etc.

Cycling Caps / Balaclava's 

It's all about the look the feel the image or the "steez" as I like to call it. You loose a fair amount of heat via your head...go figure. At any rate I regularly rock a cycling cap through out the year. Nice fashion add-on for those of you going for style points. But seriously though...from a warm perspective cycling caps make a difference. One quick story I will share...first time riding this season with out a cycling cap and wouldn't you know it a bee lfies into my helmet and stings me!!! #toughluck right? Oh well... Balaclava's will without question keep you riding to the cooler temps for hours on end. Some come in Lycra, some fleece, our favorite wind-stopper...helps a ton in cooler windy conditions. 


Let's face it cool hands suck, nothing worse that wishing that those short finger trail glove fingers were "longer". Of for that matter your glove had some insulation / wind blocking capabilities. Take it from me course everyone wants to be a tough guy, but wearing the wrong gloves on a cold weather ride pretty much makes you a jackass. The only person that's hating the ride is YOU !!! So with that said do yourself and you hands a favor..invest in a pair of cold weather riding gloves.


Again right up there with cold question the next ride killer is frozen feet. Quite a while back when I got the riding bug....kept riding into the fall. The one day the temps really dropped like below 40. WOW was suprise to find out that my vented summer mtn shoe had NO warmth to them at all !!! I tried rocking toe covers which kinda did ok...but still was having major issues on longer rides. Finally discovered the Lake brand winter shoes....Yeah warm feet !!! What a difference, these are meant for COLD weather riding period! Nice, beefy sole & leather uppers, 3M insulate boot, yep Game On!!! When the temps really dip down...all you will need to do is throw a heavy weight cycling shoe cover over it and you are good to go!!

Hope these help, in the mean time, happy trails & don't forget to take time to stop and enjoy the ride !!! Any other question, comment's, ideas or suggest please feel free to drop us a line info@growlerbikes we would love to hear from you !!!


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