How to Give Your Tubeless Sealant

Installing Tubeless

One of the biggest benefits of purchasing a Growler Performance Bike is that we set up every bike tubeless before we ship off our bikes all around the world.  There is always talk about all of the performance benefits of running tubeless on a fat bike but no one ever discusses how to maintain a bike that is setup and running tubeless.  So I wanted to take a moment to an easy how to and other resources that will properly educate Growler Nation on how to keep your performance bikes running in peek performance.

Tubeless setups can be a little overwhelming for the average home mechanic but with the proper tools, maintenance will be a breeze.  So here are the Growler tips of tubeless maintenance.   

Every 6 months, depending on brand and type of sealant, the sealant should be at minimum check and/or refilled to properly levels.  The average fat tire will take 4oz of sealant and the average plus tire will take 2oz of sealant.    

Tools Required to refill your tubeless tires:

Step 1: Removing the Valve Core

Release the air out of the tire.  Then using the Stem Core Remover Tool loosen the core (Lefty Loosey).  As you remove the core if their is any air left in the tire the air will escape.  You want there to be no air in the tire.  

Step 2: Adding Sealant

To add sealant, you can either use a small bottle or a syringe filled with 4oz for a fat tire or a 2oz bottle for a plus tire.  If your bottle of sealant came in a two 2oz bottle use two bottles for a single fat tire.  

Using a bottle:  If using a small bottle align the tip of the bottle to the stem on the wheel and slowly squeeze the bottle until all the fluid has entered the tire.  Repeat if you only have a 2oz bottle.  

Using a syringe:  With he syringe you will usually have a small hose that will attache to your stem.  Attach the stem and push the correct amount of fluid into the tire.  

Step 3:  Installing the Valve Core

Start by hand threading the valve core back into the valve stem.  Once you start the thread use the stem core tool to tighten the valve down.  Make sure not to make it to tight as it can loosen the stem from the wheel.  This could cause an entire other set of issues.  

Step 4:  Adding air

Once the stem core is properly installed, use a compressor or floor pump to add air.  When adding air a best practice is to rotate the stem to the top and add air from there.  If the stem is down and you add air you will push the sealant all over the place making a big ol' mess.    You will only need to add air back to normal riding pressure.  DO NOT OVER INFLATE.  

Step 5:  Sealing the Tire

Place the wheels back on the bike and rotate the wheels allowing the sealant to reach every part of the tire.  The more rotations the better.  

If you are a more visual learning Stans made an excellent walk through on how to install the sealant.  


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