Get To Know Growler Rider, Sarah Caylor

Today was a rainy day.

Today I was sad.

Today I rode the trainer…

Not only was this the root of my sadness, but the sadness was amplified by the feeling of disdain set upon me from the corner of the room by my faithful Mr. Big Stuff, tucked away in the corner, safe from the elements which ravaged my local trail system.

Boy, am I melodramatic…

Let me introduce myself – I am Sarah Caylor, a new Growler Team rider from Ontario, Canada. I am a Chef, Sommelier, Craft beer devotee, Nutritionist, and most of all, a cycling fanatic. I am an endurance racer at heart and have signed on for a full compliment of winter races this season, both in Canada and the US. I am extremely anxious to get going with the season, and to put my awesome Mr. Big Stuff to the test – really, I suppose it’s putting me to the test, so I guess I better get to work! Rain should not factor into the plan, but more importantly, it should not have forced me to ride the trainer. I really should have toughened up and gone outside, but, you cannot control the elements, and I guess that is partially the point of this post. I need snow!!

You would think that after many years of training and racing in all elements (I lean heavily toward multi day/week bikepacking races, 24 solos, and 100 milers) that a little rain would be no problem, but it’s that time of year where there is no option but to ride the trainer sometimes. It’s too muddy and icy in the trails, too slippery and foggy to be safe on the roads, and really, I just NEED a good workout! Don’t we all just dread this shoulder season?

Here in Ontario we were blessed with early snow. A tease really. This past month I have had amazing snowy conditions for getting to know Mr. Big Stuff, and I have fallen in love. Now, I am forced to gaze at him from afar until trail conditions firm up. The sadness is my own fault really, as I have put myself inline for a Desert 24-hour solo race in February. This means training through the Ontario winter for a loooooong race. I have done this before, and it is hard!! So much trainer time…that is, before I discovered the joy of fatbiking! Enter Mr. Big Stuff and a whole new approach to this year’s training…we were well on our way to gaining valuable base miles this fall (Oct. had left me 5 lbs. heavier due to off season indulgences so it was time to drop ‘em 😉) and now, a rainy cog in the wheel – trails decimated This rainy interlude will not discourage us though – fatbiking rules! I would be preaching to the choir if I told you guys how awesome it is to have such a versatile vehicle to pilot in all conditions, and I gotta say, my MBS has quickly become my go to bike for every type of ride – he will be my 24 solo ride this year, and also my Stagecoach 400 ride this spring. Having a fatbike has meant that I can cut down my hamster wheel time and get outside in winter to totally enjoy my training! It has also made me fall in love with winter again. I have always been a skier, and I love that too, but this Dec. 1st, on Global Fatbike Day, as I was riding with many Fat Friends, I thought to myself, “who needs skis? This is amazing!!”

Welcome to the culture of Fatbiking 😊

Welcome also to a new season of training and racing – for me, the off season is over and the work is beginning, but really, with MBS as my ride, I feel the fun has just begun. My bike is light, fast, solid, and capable. I have no doubt we will have an amazing year, all 4 seasons, and many adventures to write about.

I hope to post to this blog often but wanted to start with this introduction. I look forward to sharing with you my training stories, race reports, nutrition and recipe tidbits, and maybe even a few craft beer reviews along the way. Maybe some of you will even find your way up to Ontario and call me up for a ride – always welcome!!

Until next time, rubber side down, keep it Fat, and Cheers to you!


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