For Your Feet Friday

I don't know if its common but I feel a bit more confident in the warmer months to be clipped into my pedals. When winter rolls around with snow and ice, that's when the flat pedals are put on the bike! 

So... I thought why not get a couple different styles and test them out and do a quick review! 

Crankbrothers sent me some pedals to test out and I did just that! 

Lets take a look at what they sent! 

Candy 7 - an XC / Trail pedal weighing in at 320g.

This pedal is designed to give you a smaller platform but still be light and nimble. They shed the mud and snow quite well! I am used to using a smaller pedal like this and the Shimano SPD system. So I felt at home on this pedal. The Crankbrothers clipless system is so much smoother and feels more solid. 

Mallet E LS - LS stands for Long Spindle to allow shoe clearance and more control.

They also have adjustable pins to contact the shoe sole even more if wanted. I really appreciated the longer spindle. Usually my boots rub against the crank arm but the extra space got rid of that! They are a little heavier than say the Candy 7 but an amazing pedal that despite its size also sheds the mud and snow really well. Easy to clip in and out (if you lower the pins to not contact your sole as much). The pins do help if you are heading onto s section you want to be unclipped giving you a nice platform to rest your feet on! 

A couple notes on their clipless pedals... They all have the 4 sided entry which is amazing! They also do not allow for spring tension adjustment. Not a big deal because CrankBros does this by using the cleats. You can have either 15* or 20* release angle depending on how you set your cleats up. Its easy! 

Stamp 7 Large - This is a big flat pedal! Its made for shoe size 10-15(US) but is nice in the winter to accommodate the larger boot footprint.

One of my favorite fat biking activities is finding a place in the woods to get lost! Leave the trail and just pedal. Going over stumps and fallen trees and anything else in the way. Clipping and unclipping gets cumbersome so the flats are great! Some may just not like to clip in. They offer the Stamp pedals in Large and Small to accommodate the different range of shoe sizes. They shed mud and snow very easily and are solid! For any of you wondering here is the size difference of the Stamp Small vs Large. 

Do I have a favorite after all of this? We all know pedals are such a personal piece of a bike! Its a touchpoint and those are key to customizing your ride and feel. For me personally...

Im clipping into the Mallet E LS! It fits my riding style and if I need to unclip... I have platform to use just in case! 


That being said... Crankbrothers offers all sorts of styles of pedals. You can even go the Eggbeater route and shave the weight immensely! 

Head to their website to check out the offerings and clip in... or don't. ;) 


Coming soon will be a review on what to wear on your feet to connect to these pedals! 

We will take a look at the offerings from NorthWave


 Himalaya Winter Boot

Raptor Arctic GTX Boot



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