Fat Bike Ski Review

Growler Nitro Stout Pro w/ Fat Bike Ski

First off I want to thank Brooke at Fat Bike Skis for sending me a ski to test! Im sure he looked at my address and laughed being North Dakota is super flat terrain! 

It showed up quick and packed super well! 

My first reaction to it was excitement! What goes through your head when you are holding a ski that ends up on your fat bike is pretty exciting! You see pictures of it and you see reviews but having one for yourself is truly awesome. 

So after the daydreaming dies down a bit... you pick the contents out of the box and the first thing you will realize is that Fat Bike Skis did not skimp on design. The whole thing is just solid. You can see the engineering that went into it and looking at it I was a bit worried if I was going to know exactly how to put it on!

Luckily... Instructions! Detailed instructions to make sure you get the most enjoyable experience out of it. 

It went on like a breeze and took about 10 minutes. (Probably could be done in way less) You do have to remove the front brake but I believe they are developing a mount for the caliper to sit on the bracket so you don't have to remove the brake lever and caliper. 

Its easy to put on, ready to go! 

Remember when I told you North Dakota is Flat. I have seen reviews of this ski on the slopes and could see it carving down the hill with speed. Could it be used for just every day riding though... A majority of my riding is going to be on flat trails and roads! 

You need snow! If you don't have snow on the surface then you will wear the ski down etc. Luckily we had just gotten quite a bit of snow and I got to cruise through the neighborhood. Lots of people looking and asking what I was on! Pedaled smoothly on the snow covered roads and gives you that satisfying carving sound you only get from a ski! 

We got to the unplowed roads and "hills" and this is where this got fun! We dropped down a side hill and it was deep from the wind causing drifts. I made it down the hill and well Joe... didn't. The Ski stays on top and has a ton of control! No more leaning way back to keep that front wheel up when entering deep snow.

Pedaling or coasting down the hill the Fat Bike Ski tracks well and is pretty fun! Is it a Flat land type of tool? Id say if you are riding ungroomed trail then yeah it would be a stellar add to the toolbox. Its easy and fast to take on and off and if you frequent areas with downhill or ways to gain speed and coast this is a MUST! 

I appreciate the chance to review this and look forward to seeing more and more of these out there. Maybe I'll get one again to go try on faster trails! 

Head to their site to check out more information on the Fat Bike Ski. Give their page a like and share it. 


They are also making their way around the country to allow bikers to demo the ski. So head to their facebook for that information! 


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